This last weekend was 4/20 in Denver and they held a big celebration in downtown. During the celebration one man pulled out a gun and injured 2 people and grazed another. The Denver Police have found out what the suspect looks like and need your help in identifying him.

Denver's 4/20 Celebration was the first celebration they have had since the legalization of marijuana was passed in November. This was supposed to be a peaceful, laid back celebration when things got out of control. Authorities are still trying to figure out what happened and are looking for the suspect. Here is a video below identifying the man in question.

After all the shootings that have happened lately across the nation, this just adds to the hysteria. This was suppose to  be a celebration and now one man is going to ruin it for everyone. The state is already putting ordinances in place for marijuana and gun control, and this doesn't help out the situation. To get the full story on what happened at the Denver 4/20 celebration follow this LINK.