This isn't the first time that I have had to take time out of my day to tell you about a fake story, and it probably won't be the last either, unfortunately. But once again as I was strolling through Facebook today I saw a bunch of my friends saying how shocked they were by this satirical story about Peyton Manning getting high and arrested at Papa John's. 

The story, which is titled "Peyton Manning Arrested At Papa John’s; Stoned Out Of His Mind," comes from a website called Empire Sports. All you have to do to see that the site features fake stories, if the ESPN-looking logo didn't tip you off enough, is to go to the disclaimer at the bottom of the site, which says "Empire Sports is a satirical and entertainment website" as its first sentence.

The story talks about Manning being at a Papa John's restaurant that he owned at a very late hour last Thursday when an altercation with a customer ensued. Peyton ended up getting a pizza thrown in his face and burned, so he called the cops. When the cops got there, Manning kept telling the cops how "baked" he was, so the cops searched his car. They found all kinds of drugs and arrested him.

Funny story, but clearly not Peyton, and not true... The only people who are high in this case are the people who believe this crap and clog up my Facebook with it!