St. Patty's Day is the day we are all Irish and have a reason to party like rock stars. There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and dispensing pure green pee the next day, unless your locked up in the county hotel draining the main vein around a bunch of dudes.

This is no reason to stay in and be lame, Grand Junction offers plenty of services so you get out, and partake in consuming countless numbers of green beers, Guinness and Irish car bombs just to puke them up and start over again.

Talking with a few local bartenders over the last couple of days, the 5-0s in the Grand Junction area already have plans to set up sobriety checkpoints. We're not exactly sure where these checkpoints will be, maybe the 5th Street bridge and Redlands Parkway.

Don't take a chance at sleeping with a bunch of other smelly drunk dudes you don't know and make it home to sleep with your drunk-smelly self!

Here are the safest ways to get around town this St. Patty's day:

  • K2 Taxi -- (970) 242-4652
  • Designated Drivers Service -- (970) 434-9197
  • Sunshine Taxi -- (970) 245-8294
  • Zingo Grand Junction LLC -- (970) 256-9464

Don't take the chance, get a ride!

Don't miss our Party on the Patty at Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar on Saturday, March 15 on their patio for great micro brews and great fun.