There are 20 bazillion different flavors of Oreos. recently revealed yet another new one, Cinnamon Bun Oreos. Please stop now. Our cookie aisle decisions were hard enough already. However, we would love to see some Oreo flavors specifically for us here in Grand Junction. Nabisco execs, grab a pen cause here are the Oreo flavors we want.

1. Palisade Peach Oreos


Why has this not happened already? The sweet Palisade peach flavor combined with that creamy Oreo filling? Take our money already, Nabisco!

2. Olathe Sweet Corn Oreos

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Oreos with a yellow Olathe sweet corn middle. Yes, sign us up for this! We can only hope they find a way for us to have to pick corn out from between our teeth after each cookie bite.

3. Fruita Oreo Dinos

Townsquare Media - Doc Holliday

Follow us on this one. These Oreos might taste like regular Oreos BUT would be shaped like Raptors, T-Rex and other famous dinosaurs. Yes, we realize this is a bit of a reach but we'd still love it.