I remember being in elementary school and being so infatuated with a girl named Kari that nothing else mattered. I knew I was a loser and had no chance with the hottest girl in 5th grade, so when she gave me a note asking me out, it was like the greatest thing on earth, but I think it last about 3 and a half days before she moved on to my best friend Tony. That sums up my elementary school love... This note sums it up for everyone. 

First off, I am proud to see that these third graders aren't already texting or Facebooking, because you can bet your ass that if they were they would have never spent the time writing all 30 of these words out "the old fashioned way!" Happy to see we are still teaching our youth how to write...


The problem with this is that when Ashley divorces Kyle in a month or two she doesn't get to take half of his Fruit Roll-Ups. Later in life these poor souls will realize that if you want to keep your stuff, you can't be trying out every boy in school, you have to pick just one... That is assuming kids still eat Fruit Roll-Ups, which they better be!!!