It has come to light that Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has fathered a child out of wedlock. In 2004 Marino was having an affair with Donna Savattere, a production assistant at CBS Sports, and they had a child. Savattere gave birth to their little girl in June of 2005 and according to the deal she was given a large sum of money and was to move to Texas to raise their daughter. Well, I guess Savattere called an audible.

Savattere did move to Texas but after she got the money she started living the high life. Savattere moved back to New York splitting time between her Upper West Side home and the Hamptons. She has become a fixture on the social scene and that is where the trouble for Marino comes in.

Skeletons always seem to find their way out of the closet, and this one did. Marino had to come clean with his wife and their six children about his new daughter. Marino also came clean to the public in an open letter to the New York Post this week. How much fun was the press conference this week for the Super Bowl, which CBS is broadcasting and Marino is a part of. I’m thinking the Marino home was a little bit of a hot spot.