Thomas Edwards wanted to show his love for his girlfriend, but he ended up showing a whole lot more than that. Police in Casselberry, Florida arrested Edwards, 22, after he stripped down to his birthday suit to pop the question to his girlfriend, only to discover he’d gone to the wrong house to ask for her hand in marriage.

Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Edwards claims he went to a house where his lady love told him she was with the intention of getting on bended knee (pity any poor soul who was standing behind and got a load of that view).

Edwards began taking off his clothes on the patio when the homeowners spotted him. They claim they have never heard of neither Edwards nor his girlfriend.

Either this clown jotted down the address wrong or his “girlfriend” is really some woman he’s pining for who chose to blow him off by giving him some random address, thinking she’d never see him. Kind of like giving a wrong phone number, except much, much meaner. Or funnier, depending on your point of view.

For his snafu, Edwards was charged with burglary of a dwelling, battery on a law enforcement officer (for spitting on cops) and indecent exposure.

And he didn't even get a "yes" for his trouble.