When reality starts to look like a made-for-TV Rob Lowe movie, you know you're in for trouble. If you've seen the movie "Atomic Train", you know it doesn't end well for Denver. According to the The Daily Sentinel, there is a possibility that a bunch of nuclear stuff may pass through Grand Junction.

According to the Sentinel, here's what's up.

Much of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel used to generate electricity might go through Grand Junction by road or by rail on its way to Yucca Mountain in Nevada, according to Nevada consultants hoping to fend off efforts to reconsider using the site.


Opponents of storing spent nuclear fuel in Nevada released a map this week that shows what the Nuclear Information and Resource Service — an anti-nuclear energy group — called “Fukushima Freeways,” or routes that would be used to deliver spent fuel to Yucca Mountain.

Does this payload possibly passing out your back door concern you? Or, do you believe that Rob Lowe will save the day?