Now that 64 has passed could we please get the news anchors to act like adults? The past couple of days I have watched the news (all networks) and every news person has talked about Colorado and Washington passing a marijuana law, but they can’t seem to do it without some sort of dumb look or a dumb phrase.

I’m a street smart guy, I went to college and I find it so hard to believe that all of the college educated journalist on all the networks have no idea what the hell they are talking about. One guy even said “What are we now going to have a bunch of people weeded up on pot driving around” I almost shot beer out of my nose on that one, and one lady even said “what’s a bong” really.

I understand they don’t want to seem like they are big smokers, but when I was in college even the most strait-laced person knew what a bong was. So, please stop acting like a kid. This is an important issue not some sort of Cheech & Chong movie. There are a lot of young men and women who have been sent to prison just for having an ounce of marijuana. Is that the best way use are tax dollars?