This November there will be several measures that matter to Colorado that have nothing to do with electing the next president. In Mesa County is the measure to broaden the coverage of the Grand River Mosquito Control District.
Statewide  is Amendment 64: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol there is also Referendum S to change state hiring rules. Referendum S according to Governor Hickenlooper will get rid of some old rules on how the state hires people that make no sense. The measure if passed will save money, time and assist the state in hiring the best people they can.

The idea has come up before and failed with Governor Roy Romer in 1986 and Governor Bill Ritter in 2004. Both those would have made the rules less restrictive regarding how the state can hire, what tests they give prospects and how many interviews can be given.

Right now only the top three candidates for a job can be considered for hire and that takes weeks. That leaves those that may be qualified in limbo and open to be hired by the private sector. If the referendum passes the top six people would be considered. It would eliminate competitive testing and allow the state to hire based on stuff that really matters, like experience.