After three days of hearings, Judge David Bottger will not make a ruling on the Michael Blagg bond issue just yet. Blagg has been granted a retrial for the murder of his wife and wants to be released on bond.

It turns out that one of the jurors during the jury selection said she had not been a victim of domestic violence when the truth was she had. After that news came to light the judge ordered a new trial for Blagg.

Now Mesa County will have to pay for a new murder trial for Michael Blagg which has yet to be set.

Murder trials tend to be very expensive and this one will be no different. The county will have to bring in expert witnesses to testify, pay for their transportation here, plus their food and lodging.

The county will have to pay for all of the lab work that will need to be done before the trial and the extra security that will be needed during the retrial.

Because Michael Blagg has been in jail serving his life sentence, he has no way to pay for a lawyer so the state will pick that up too. Which will include all of their hours and the experts they bring in to testify? 

All of that means big dollars coming right out of our pockets all because one juror wasn't honest during the jury selection process.