Unless I happen to open one of my grandpa's old Playboy's from the 70's for a sexual history lesson, I personally am turned completely off by pubic hair on lady. Apparently pubes are making some sort of comeback... 

American Apparel, who's closest store to us is in Boulder by the way, claims that they are "a company that celebrates natural beauty." And even though I think shaving, waxing, and laser-ing hair is as completely normal and natural as clipping your fingernails, the company's Valentine's Day window display is celebrating without any of those things.

They're garnering so much attention in American Apparel's Lower East Side location that Gothamist reports people have congregated around the window display to collectively point and laugh.

Now, I don't know about you, but pointing and laughing don't seem like the way that I would like to try and get people interested in buying my underwear! I think I will send my Valentine to Victoria's Secret to get the pube-free lingerie, thank you very much!

You can see pictures of the actual display here.