Smart phones keep getting smarter which is very cool. The advancing technology is nothing short of amazing. But, I'm just a little creeped out by one of the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV, due for release later this week.

While there always seems to be much mystery surrounding new technological releases, sources indicate the new Samsung smart phone features something called "eye scrolling". It works by tracking the user's eyes, and somehow will use your eyeballs where the phone should be scrolling on it's display. For example, when you get down to the bottom of a page, it will realize you need to see more text and automatically scroll down.

It has also been suggested that users will be able to control the speed of the scrolling based on how their eyes and head move up and down. Not only that, apparently a video can be paused by simply looking away from the screen.

I guess I'm okay with the new technology. But I will have to draw the line when my smart  phone starts reminding me to eat my vegetables and to wash behind my ears.