It turns out the law enforcement in Nebraska is ‘overburdened’ with enforcing the marijuana laws in their state and they want Colorado to help pay. That’s right our neighbors to the east want us to send some of our tax dollars to them so they can do their jobs.

I’m not sure if you know this or not but all the states that border Colorado have picked up patrols and are pulling over vehicles with our state plates in a effort to crack down on marijuana trafficking. Is that what they are really doing or are they trying to milk the cow for free?

Look Colorado is making pretty good money from the taxes of marijuana sales and that has caught the eye of our Border States and they want a cut. Nebraska claims it is costing them more to enforce their laws and they think Colorado should pick up the tab.

Marijuana enforcement is such a big deal that Nebraska has hinted that they should sue Colorado. Now I don’t think that will go very far but if they are having such a tough time maybe they should stop profiling vehicles with Colorado plates.

Look I don’t think marijuana trafficking is happening any more than it was a year ago or five years ago the real reason these states are doing this is because it is easy money. They pick up revenue in fines and court cost from the people they pullover and now they want to tap the taxes from our state.

I have a suggestion for Nebraska any other state that borders Colorado. Come over, smoke a bowl and relax because marijuana isn’t going anywhere. Three other state are working on getting a bill on their ballots much like the one Colorado passed so I don’t think the genie is going back in the bottle.