Everybody's talking about Sunday night's Bode Miller interview when  an NBC reporter  sent Miller to tears - and then didn't stop. Sometimes reporters just can't help themselves and they don't know when enough is enough.

Miller had just won the Bronze Medal in the Super G at the Sochi Winter Olympics,when he was interviewed by NBC's Christen Cooper.

Miller became very emotional when he started to talk about his  younger  brother who passed away last year. It was awesome to see Miller's raw emotion, but then the interview keeps going, and going, until finally Miller just put his head down and ended the interview.

The interview obviously infuriated American viewers who have been all over Facebook and Twitter expressing their outrage.

Miller, however, in a very classy move has stepped up to defend the reporter on Twitter.

"I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault."

To me, it was clearly a case of a reporter going too far, and not knowing when to stop. Maybe this was her first "big" moment as a reporter, and maybe she already has learned the error of her ways. She clearly failed this test. Hopefully other reporters and sportscasters will seize this moment and learn from it and avoid this kind of horror in the future. Know when to just leave people alone!

What do you think? Did she go too far, or was she just doing her job? If you didn't see the interview, watch it here and then take our poll.