My daughter, Sarah, is 17 today. This simple fact has brought me two very conflicting emotions. Joy and fear and not in that order. In fact, even my joy is more than a little afraid.

I always thought I was going to be one of those cool dads. You know the kind I'm talking about. The dad who doesn't get crazy protective who's open-minded about everything. The dad who wouldn't be so dorky and out of touch with his daughter's generation as to appear awkward. Boy, was I wrong.

Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

It's like that scene from the Steve Martin movie "Father of the Bride" where his grown daughter says something and he sees her as a little girl.

My daughter hasn't delivered that news to me at this point, but I definitely identify with Steve Martin's character's emotion. She tells me about 17-year-old stuff and I hear it as if she is still the 5-year-old that I remember.

Let me say one other thing as a father of a now 17-year-old daughter. Boys suck.

Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

Meet Dillon. This is my daughter's boyfriend. Boys suck. But, you know the real suck of this? Dillon is a nice kid. That makes it hard for me to embrace my fatherly instinct to hate him.

Happy birthday, Sarah. Your 17 years on this Earth sure have flown by. I hope you have many more great ones ahead of you and that you don't make any of the mistakes your dad made. One tip I will give you, always wash your hands after applying Icy Hot. You never know what you will touch next. Anyway, happy birthday. Your crotchety old dad loves you.