According to a new survey, nearly half of us have had a one-night stand . . . and most of us took home a souvenir! Find out what the top things men and women steal are . . .

According to the survey one in four women have taken home a guy's jacket or hoodie . . . and one in five have taken loose change.  One in four men have taken underwear or a bra.

--Here are the 5 things women are most likely to steal after a one-night stand:

  1. 23% have taken a jacket or hoodie.
  2.  21% pocketed loose change.
  3.  19% took a toothbrush.
  4.  17% took cigarettes.
  5.  16% stole a CD or DVD.

--And here are the 10 things MEN are most likely to take after a one-night stand:

  1. 25% of men took home the woman's underwear.
  2.  24% took her bra.
  3.  22% took food.
  4.  18% left with some of her cigarettes.
  5.  17% took alcohol.

Hopefully they were protected otherwise they might be taking something else home to remember their night . . . .