Breakfast In Bed
People are always speculating what is wrong with our world today, and I think I just may have figured it out... The majority of people prefer to go Starbucks in the morning and pay $5 for a cup of coffee rather than rolling over and getting it on! A survey revealed that more than half of people worldwide prefer coffee first thing in the morning over sex!  In fact, 51% of people said they could probably forego sex for longer than caffeine, and almost 80% would give up sex (and alcohol, AND social media) before they’d give up coffee.  No wonder- many coffee-drinkers need their daily cup of joe simply to function.  More than 20% say they can’t get out of bed without it, 16% can’t talk to others until they’ve had a cup, and almost 30% feel less creative before they’re sufficiently caffeinated.

I realize it is hard to mess up a cup of coffee, and I am quite fine with people spending all their hard earned money on drinking the stuff, but sex really isn't that hard either... Maybe, just maybe, this world would be a better place if we all got it on in the morning, and then had our coffee. I know my days would be better!