Former Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan could make a return to the side-line with the Oakland Raiders. Shanahan in on the short list for a number of teams who need a head coach but the Raiders? Really?

Mike Shanahan became head coach of the L.A. Raiders in 1988 and lasted just 20 games going 8-12 in the run. Shanahan was the first person hired outside of the Raiders family in some 23 years and it didn't go well.

Al Davis and Shanahan butted heads from day one and after getting into a pissing match with Raider legend Art Shell and going 1-3 to start the 1989 season Mike Shanahan was fired.

Now, some 26 years later Mike Shanahan could be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders. I find it kinda funny that the Raiders would even talk to him.

You know that Al is rolling over in his grave just to have Shanahan in Oakland. The two men really hated each other over the years. Just look at how the rivalry between the Raiders and Broncos took off after Shanahan took over in Denver.

Mike Shanahan has also talked with the San Fransisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills about their head coaching jobs but really Mike should come back to the AFC West.