I am not sure if it is some sort of reverse psychology thing or if big, and I mean BIG, women really think they are sexy. But it seems to be a new thing. Earlier this year there was a chick trying to get as fat as possible for her porn site, and I hear of chicks all over saying that men prefer curvy ladies, which may be true, but 150 pounds overweight isn't curvy nor is it sexy. That being said, I have found yet another large woman, extremely large in her butt area, who thinks she is hot stuff. 

Big Booty Judy doesn't seem to be the only one who appreciates her ass that is the same size around as Shaquille O" Neal is tall (over 7 feet), her kids seem to embrace it too. That is of course if by embrace you mean sitting on her ass like a chair.

I sort of made fun of these women who are proud of being XXXXL earlier in this post, but I think it's really the men that are into these chicks that I need to look at. I get that there are guys who like big butts and cannot lie, but this doesn't make sense from a scientific standpoint. How does it even work. Do you just have to look at her and pleasure yourself, are you hung like a well endowed donkey, or are you using the rolls as a makeshift pleasure device?

I'll probably get in trouble for this one because we are supposed to be teaching our kids to love themselves and their bodies even if they are 400 pounds overweight, right? Right!