Ok, so I try to do my best at reporting facts so you don't go around telling your friends how full of sh** I am, so I must admit Molly McGrath and I don't have plans to get married as the title of this article may suggest. But I hope someday soon I can report that has changed! After all we just met yesterday when she was doing the halftime report during the Colorado vs. Oregon basketball game I was watching on Fox Sports 1

I completely forgot what I was doing and immediately had to G.T.S. (Google That Sh**) to find out who this woman was.

Turns out she was a cheerleader at Boston College before doing some reporting for the Boston Celtics and then recently got hired by FOX Sports 1, the network that is trying to be ESPN with hot chicks including Erin Andrews.

Moral of this story: Molly McGrath is super hot, it was brilliant for Fox Sports 1 to hire her even though I have no idea if she is a good reporter, nor do I care.

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