If you frequent a certain bar in downtown Grand Junction, 'George Cat' may already be your friend. I was unfamiliar with George, and discovered he was pretty elusive.

The mystery started when I saw a Facebook update from HuffPost Comedy about a cat at a bar in Grand Junction, Colo. and curosity took hold -- I'll try to refrain from any other cliches. The story mentionted reddit user Bathsaltrocker69 and his original reddit post, which gave me some great leads to find George. Easier said than done, though.

Bathsaltrocker69 snapped the shot of George chilln' after a long day "slinkin' down the alley(s)," somewhere in Grand Junction. After cyber-stalking this guy on reddit, I found he's in the band Shawn James and the ShapeShifters -- They seem pretty rad, take a listen.

I start digging into Shawn James' website, and didn't see Grand Junction on the schedle. So I check out their Facebook, and no mention of Junction. I also checked Mesa's schedules, nothing. Sabrosa's, nothing.

I tried asking if anyone knew where George hung out on the Grand Junction subreddit and got snubbed; it was a picture of a cat, I thought reddit loved cats. I digress.

Back to finding George.

I asked a few people in the office, and none of them were acquaintances of George the Cat -- he must be new to the area. I had to go to my last resort, Facebook.

This is where my homeboy Kellen let the cat out of the bag -- Sorry I promised no more cliches, didn't I? He knew George Cat, and George was a regular at Mesa Theater. Argh! I looked there, oh well, at least I found him.

Now my mission is to get an interview with Grand Junction's famous feline, George Cat. If you know him, tell 'em I got the next shots and kitty snacks.

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