Legislators pass a measure that will prohibit the use of welfare benefits cards at marijuana shops and sent it to the Governor to be signed. As expected the measure passed the House and Senate without any issues and should be signed.

The measure would also keep electronic benefits cards, also known as EBTs, from being used at strip clubs. That is a good thing as both strip clubs and Marijuana dispensary's are a bit on the pricey side in my book.

While I can't believe this practice is widespread I do believe that ATM's at strip clubs and Marijuana shops shouldn't take these cards in any fashion.

This were some of you will now get upset at me.

While I don't have any problems with this measure I do have a problem with drug testing in Colorado. Before you lose you mind just read for a moment.

While many people choose to go to a Marijuana dispensary it is legal to grow it for your own consumption. With that being the case how can a drug test tell where you got the Marijuana from?

If a person, who was on welfare, got either some seeds or a plant clone and grew it in their home how can you punish them for that? They haven't broken the law they just grew their own.

I know for some this is a black and white issue but that isn't the case in Colorado. It is legal to have, use and grow Marijuana here so how can you tell some people they don't get that right?

I'm not saying I have the answer I just think this debate is a big waste of time and money that could be used in other areas that need our attention, say like the state's infrastructure.