Colorado State University in Fort Collins recently added a marijuana policy to its extension office, warning that any employee who provides growing assistance “assumes personal liability for such actions”. Extension services for gardening and agriculture are federally funded organizations and due to the fact it’s still a federal crime to grow or possess marijuana the states extension office is staying away for the issue.
Each state has extension offices and Colorado State University extension office has been serving Colorado for 100 years. This is a great resource for gardeners and farmers to get the latest in growing assistance, except for the growing of marijuana even thought it’s legal for adults to grow up to six plants in their own home.
Two Colorado entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this by offering a growing class and they are seeing a ton of interest. The class “Marijuana 101” focuses on hydroponic growing systems, fertilizers and cloning. The class is taught in a rented room at a public university and uses tomato plants as marijuana is prohibited on campus. The classes have attracted wannabe professional growers, current users looking to save money by growing their own and medical patients from other states, as medical marijuana is now legal in some 20 states. I know not everyone agrees with the new state law, but there must be some interest as the class is sold out, but there is an online version.