As NASCAR fans went in to the 2013 Brickyard 400 they would of seen a commercial about legalizing Marijuana that was to run on the jumbo-trons at the race track. That was until the Drug Free America Foundation made a big fuss and got the ad pulled.

The Marijuana Policy Project produced the ad and paid Grazie Media to run the spot on their jumbotrons at the entrance to the raceway. The commercial compares the relative safety of Marijuana use to the use of alcohol in a beer spoof type ad. It doesn't matter which side of the issue you are on because that isn't the point.

The point is this, until Saturday the Marijuana Policy Project commercial was good to go. They paid Grazie Media and supplied them with the final product to air. I have worked with a few jumbotron companies and Grazie Media knew what they were running. Then the pressure to pull the ad came and Grazie Media caved in to the will of the Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

The official statement from Grazie Media that said "Grazie Media does not, in any way, shape or form, support the use of marijuana nor the promotion of illegal drugs at a family event," What a load of B.S.

The Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. didn’t say anything about the alcohol and tobacco company’s spots, nor did they say anything about the male enhancement commercials or the sleep aid ads that ran on the jumbotrons.

So I guess after a day at the racetrack drinking beer and whiskey, you go home and slip the kids a sleep aid, because you took the little blue pill and mama and you are going to party. Just so we know.