I always thought that 87 percent of the reason for going to college was to party... Turns out that there is at least one school in every state that didn't get the memo. 

So if you are one of those kids who actually goes to school to go to school, or you have kids, take a peek a this map. If you are the opposite of either of those things, also take a peek, but NEVER, EVER even think about going to one of these schools that you probably haven't heard of.

As far as Colorado is concerned, Colorado Christian University gets the nod as the lamest. No surprise as their website says:

The Student Life program at CCU completes the educational experience by providing opportunities for you to grow spiritually with fellow students.

Tamest Party Schools in Each State

If you were thinking about going to school to our north in Wyoming, just let this map discourage you too much, the University of Wyoming was also named the states best party school, and their ranking on this list wasn't that bad. There just wasn't a whole lot to choose from there...

However, these are the worst of the worst, MUST AVOID AT ALL COST schools...

  • Virginia – Liberty University – 10/10
  • California – Biola University – 9.75/10
  • South Carolina – Bob Jones University – 9.57/10
  • Alabama – Athens State University – 9.5/10
  • Pennsylvania – Messiah College – 9.45/10
  • Indiana – Taylor University – 9.25/10
  • Oklahoma – Oral Roberts University – 9.22/10
  • Maryland – The University of Maryland – University College – 9.2/10
  • Arkansas – Harding University – 9.15/10
  • Illinois – Wheaton College – 9.15/10