If you're going to lie and say that you're blind, you better do everything you can to make sure that people continue to believe you. This guy didn't do that, and he's now serving five years in prison after being found guilty on numerous counts of fraud.

John Caltabiano was injured on the job while working for a cement company back in 2006. He claimed that the accident rendered him essentially blind. He said that he just sat around the house listening to the television all day because he couldn't do anything else. He claimed that he couldn't get up and move around the house because he would bump into things and hurt himself. That would suck, but John wouldn't know. Because he was faking the whole thing.

While John did suffer vision loss in one eye, he was far from being completely blind as he claimed. And once the feds got a tip and did some investigating, they recorded John walking around with no issues, reading and even driving.

C'mon, John! Driving? You didn't even try.