'Man of Steel' is a great movie if the early buzz is to be believed. In fact, 'Man of Steel' looks so good that it's inspiring greatness in others. Namely, this fanmade 'Man of Steel' title sequence. It has nothing to do with Zack Snyder's movie but it looks so good you'd swear it actually does. This you gotta see.

We don't pass along a lot of fanmade videos for popular movies because well, in all honesty, they're usually not very good. We're ready to make an exception for this 'Man of Steel title sequence because it is the exception.

Created by Will & Tale, a design firm that has worked with MTV, Google and Flickr, this video imagines the opening for Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' and essentially tells the story of Superman from his arrival on Earth to his ascension above Metropolis. We promise if we didn't tell you otherwise, you wouldn't bat an eye if we told you this was the real deal.

[In fairness, one note rang false to us; a brief allusion to 9/11 that was mostly unnecessary in an otherwise perfect piece.]

Watch the video below and start to get (even more) excited for the actual 'Man of Steel' opening on June 14.