At halftime of a college basketball game over the weekend a guy nails a 95-foot putt to win a new car. The fact that the ball stayed so strait for so long is just incredible. The ball never caught an edge or a seam in the floor to make it to the hole and go in. BAM just like that he wins a new car sort of.

The young man at the Auburn Mississippi State basketball game had the chance at halftime to make one putt for a new car. To win all he has to do is put the golf ball through a small hole at the other end of the basketball court. He nails the putt but does he really win a new car? Not so much as it turns out.

What he really won was a new car or $15,000 toward one, I wonder if that car comes with an engine? This is why I don’t like these types of promotions, there is always some silly rule or they find out you played golf on your high school team and that gave you an unfair advantage so you can’t win.

If this local dealer really wants to make something of this then they should give him a new car and pay the taxes on it.

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