One of my favorite things to do during the Super Bowl every year is betting on everything except for the game (ie the coin toss and how long the National Anthem will take)... That is unless the Broncos are playing, and then I might throw down a few bucks (Hell, Floyd Mayweather is putting $10.4 million on them). But this year, there is a prop bet you can make that I can almost guarantee has never been available before. 

The online sports-book Bovada is taking wagers on how many times Peyton Manning will say "OMAHA" at the line of scrimmage this Super Bowl Sunday. The over-under is 27½.

But I must warn you to be careful. Just a few years ago we were on the middle of the Bret Favre scandal/retirement during the Super Bowl, so I bet $100 that the announcers would say his name at least 10 times... They never mentioned him!

You never know if Peyton will change his language before the game or not, but if you truly believe Peyton will be yelling his go-to word from this past season, put your money where his mouth is. Just so you know, he said "Omaha" 31 times against the Pats in the AFC Championship game.

Some of our other favorite prop bets we have seen so far this year:

-Over/under for the temperature at MetLife Stadium: 34 degrees
-Will any members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their performance (Even money.)
-Will the announcers say the word "marijuana" during the game? (No: -700.)
-Will the power go out in the stadium during the game? (Yes: +2000.)