This weekend marks the end of the Colorado State Patrol "The Heat Is On" holiday DUI checkpoints. New Year's Eve is also the top alcohol consumption night of the year. The extra patrols Saturday night are out to apprehend intoxicated drivers in Mesa County.

Local and state law enforcement will be out in force both tonight and tomorrow. The New Year falling on a weekend has only increased the chances of those that have had too much getting behind the wheel. Those that do risk their lives and the lives of others. This Saturday evening, December 31st, is the final 2016 "The Heat Is On" holiday season checkpoints. Don't find yourself in the middle of one if you've had too much.

Ray Michaels

Even if you're not involved in a crash, getting arrested and winding up it the facility pictured above is not a good time.

The financial cost of a DUI is huge, and it's just gone up by about 30%. According to No Dui Colorado, the average cost of a first time DUI offense in Colorado is $13,530. Not many people I know happen to have an extra $13,000 just laying around waiting to be used on DUI expenses.

  • Detox/Jail.....$303
  • Defense Attorney....$3650 (average)
  • Alcohol/Drug Treatment and Education....$1000
  • Probation Supervision Fee........$900
  • Ignition Interlock....$2172
  • Auto Insurance Increase.......$3600

So get a designated driver or find another option this New Year's weekend. Have a happy and safe New Year!

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