Legendary actor Leonard Nimoy turns 82 today, proving that he has in fact lived long and has most definitely prospered. Like many people in show business, though, his parents were not supportive of his chosen career. The world almost came to know an alternate timeline where instead of becoming an internationally recognized actor, Leonard Nimoy might have pursued a profoundly different career.

You can hardly blame Nimoy's parents for wanting him to pursue a career besides acting. Where some families are concerned, becoming an actor is about one notch below becoming a prostitute. Okay, maybe two notches lower. In Leonard Nimoy's case, his parents had an idea of what they wanted their son to become. Check out this interview where Nimoy tells a never-heard-before story explaining the career path his father had laid out for him.

That's right... the accordion. While we fully understand Nimoy's parents simply wanted the best for their son, we also have evidence to suggest a musical career probably wouldn't have been a good course for him to set.

Acting was a good choice, Mr. Nimoy. Check out his big screen debut, and you'll see what we mean.

Happy birthday, Leonard Nimoy. May you continue to live long and strive to prosper with the same grace and artistry we've enjoyed these 82 years.