Lass Suicide is a 20-year-old, aptly named Brit who says she has tattoos "here and there," but we'd really like her to be more specific.

NAME: Lass Suicide

AGE: 20

LOCATION: United Kingdom

HOMETOWN: Scotland


BODY MODS: Tattoos here and there.

HEROES: My mum.

MY PIGEONHOLES: Arty, Tattooed, Bookworm

INTO: Tattoos, reading, drawing, boobs, drinking, ballet and online shopping.

MAKES ME HAPPY: Finding an amazing new author, food, alcohol, coffee, friendly drunk people, cute underwear, my cat, when I can get more than 5 hours sleep a night, new tattoos and good days at college.

MAKES ME SAD: Unnecessary nasty comments and dramatic people.

I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Reading, drinking and dancing.

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