Tuesday Korn will kick off a tour of Europe; the plan is to start in Polandand zig zag their way around the old country for part of the summer. The boys will crank out 19 shows in 32 days, playing their last show in Swedenon July 6th. Friday July 19th they have a show inWisconsin, and then the next date on the tour is Saturday August 24th at RockJam.


As it stands right now, there are no Vegas, Denveror SaltLakedates for Korn. The Rock Jam show is the second date Korn plays in the United Statesthis summer. Will they add more dates? Yes, but I don’t think many. Korn will not book any shows between the July 6th and 19th, as they will have just come off the road in Europe. Between July 19 and August 24th there are some dates Korn could book a few shows, but the rumor mill says that Korn has studio time booked in August. That means if they do play any dates in that window they will be on one of the coast. So you might want to let your friends know if they wanted to see Korn this summer, they should get their Rock Jam tickets and make their way toGrand Junction this summer.