Growing up in the Mid-West we would jump off bridges all the time, but we always jumped into the river or lake. This guy forgot rule one of bridge jumping, make sure there is water.

Friday Night in Vermont technical rescue, police, the fire department and EMT’s where called to the Lime-Kiln bridge around 9pm. Earlier St. Michael’s College security had chased a young man from a convenience store, next to the college, where he had destroyed some merchandise. They probably didn’t have any Twinkies left. The young man ran down the street and when he got to the bridge he leaped over the edge.

At face value this seems like a good idea, college security isn’t going to chase you after you jump off a bridge, right. They didn’t have to. This guy broke rule one of bridge jumping, check for water. He didn’t and fell about 40 feet into a ravine.

It took crews about an hour to pull the dumb-ass back up from the ravine. At some point he will see a judge and I think his punishment is easy to hand out.

First, pay for the destroyed merchandise at the store.

Second, pay for the service call of the crews that pulled him out of the ravine.

Finally, do a public PSA about bridge safety.