Smoking hot actress Keira Knightley sheds her top to take a stand against Photoshopping photographs. We're taking a stand with her, but in a different way, if you know what we mean.

Knightley recently did a photo shoot for Interview Magazine posing topless under one stipulation:

‘OK, I’m fine doing the topless shot so long as you don’t make them any bigger or retouch.'

In a an interview with British newspaper The Times, Keira stated:

I’ve had my body manipulated so many different times for so many different reasons, whether it’s paparazzi photographers or for film posters.

You can see in this movie poster for "King Arthur," her itty-bitties were enhanced just a little bit, because, you know, sex sells.

Knightley feels that a "women's body is a battleground" and Photoshop is to blame.

So we'll stand at attention for you, and agree, there's no reason to Photoshop your already perfect body!