What started as a simple motorist assist ends with a K-9 unit making a 14-pound drug bust in Mesa County. The 23-year-old driver couldn't keep his story straight and that is when the trooper got suspicious.

Kyle Elia of California had a trooper stop to help him at mile marker 22. He probably had a heart attack because Elia had some 14 pounds of drugs in his vehicle.

The trooper got a little suspicious and called in a K-9 unit which found the drugs and landed Elia in jail for possession with an Intent to distribute a schedule-II drug.

It turns out that he had some 10 pounds of cocaine and around 4 pounds of what is believed to be methamphetamine.

I have to laugh just a bit, not because this guy is in jail but because I can just imagine the look on his face. He had to know his ass was in deep shit when the drug dog showed up.

I will say this if you are moving any amount of illegal drugs and for some reason you have to talk to the police for any reason keep your story straight. Once you act weird the cops is going to wonder why and that is when you will get busted.