On May 31 at 2:59pm a massive, 1.7-mile long asteroid, will past by our house. Let's get one thing straight. The world as we know it is not going to be destroyed. What will happen is this monster rock known as ‘1998 QE2’ will fly by the Earth at about 3.6 million miles away. That may seem far away, but that is pretty darn close in the terms of space. If this large rock did slam into the Earth, well, those credit card bills and student load payment would be gone. Scientists inCaliforniaare tracking ‘1998 QE2’ and they say the asteroid is covered with some kind of sticky black gunk. What they don’t know is that is the Blob and to keep it from eating us, we store it in space. Seriously, we will not be able to see this planet killer, so there is no reason to panic. The real show should be this fall when comet ISON should become visible to the naked eye.