For many of the thousands of people who will attend games during the  2013 Alpine Bank Junior College World Series  that gets under way Saturday at Suplizio Field, they have been there, done that. They are JUCO veterans. For others, though, it's a brand new experience and they have no idea what to expect. And so here is some information and tips that will help you - and others -  have the most enjoyable time at JUCO.

1) Realize that you may not be able to park right next to the stadium. Parking is extremely limited. You may want to consider using the free shuttle service, or at least be aware of other parking options.

2) Single game tickets, available at the gate are $8. A tournament pass good for all the games is $35. If you plan on attending at least five games, the tournament pass is the best value.

3) Most of the seating is general admission, so unless you bought a reserved ticket you will want to arrive as early as possible in order to get the seat you want, although there really isn't a bad seat. Keep in mind, there are people who will cover their seats with a blanket and leave it there all day, even though they aren't going to be there until the evening. This is a most unfortunate practice, as it reduces available seating. I would suggest that if no one is sitting on the blanketed seats when the game starts feel free to sit there.

4) There are a lot of great food vendors, many of which are non-profit organizations. You will find everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to funnel cakes, shaved ice, and much more. However, you are allowed to bring small coolers into the stadium if you would like to bring your own food and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Water is always a good thing to have in good supply.

5) You will definitely want to wear sun screen and possibly a hat  as the Western Colorado sun can beat down mercilessly upon you this time of year. Umbrellas are not a good idea unless you are able to get a seat at the very top. Otherwise, you're going to block the view of those behind you.

6) If you are bringing kids, have them  bring their gloves in hopes of catching a foul ball. Although they won't be able to keep the game ball they catch, they will be given a souvenir ball in its place. For the sake of other fans around you, you will want to keep your kids from constantly going in and out of the seating area.

7) In the general admission areas there is a mix of bleacher seats with no backs and bench-type  seating which does offer back support. If you need back support you probably will want to bring your own stadium chair. Keep in mind, if you bring  a stadium chair will want to try to keep it as far forward as possible, so as not to interfere with the limited leg room of the person sitting behind you.

8) If you are parked in the main lot, or in the grass field, you can expect it to take at least 10-20 minutes to get out after the game. People are generally good about taking turns and letting other cars get in line. I try to let one car in at each line I encounter that is trying to merge.

9) If you want to find out what team is playing and what time, your best bet is the JUCO website, which is filled with all kinds of information about the tournament.

10) The teams that compete at JUCO generally have traveled great distances, and only a few of their fans are able to attend. So, even though you may not know anything about the teams that are playing, pick one and cheer for them. They will appreciate the support, and you will enjoy the game more, too.