I have always cheered for golfer John Daly on the PGA Tour. Not only does he wear the coolest pants, but he likes to smoke, drink, and is at least 100 pounds overweight. How many other professional athletes can say that? Now, he wants to help you pack on a few extra pounds while playing the game that made him famous. 

They say never to trust a skinny cook, so this pizza should be one of the better slices you'll ever bite into coming from Daly. Plus, I was getting tired of always having to eat a hot dog after making the turn at the course. It'll be nice to have something new to munch on.

But the slogan is a bit questionable. I am not sure that Mr. Daly was drunk when he came up with it, but I would guess that he was. “Grip It and Eat It”... Hmmm. I have said that before, but it was never when I was on a golf course or referring to pizza.

John Daly Pizza is trying to market itself to golf courses, by providing the ingredients and materials to produce pizzas for the course. On top of a pizza box provided, there's a John Daly ball marker that comes attached. The only thing I can think of that would make this more perfect is if it came with a pack of smokes and a shot of Jack.