Apparently this is a case of mistaken sausage in hand! Owner of Jersey Joe's Pizza in San Diego denies that the photo that was made famous by 4Chan, was not him, nor his pizza joint. And we've never been caught "relaxing" either!

Giusepp Scire, aka "Jersey Joe," aka the "Pleasuring Pizza Maker" says that he was not caught masturbating because that's not him in the picture, nor is that his kitchen.

Scire is blaming this whole ordeal on a couple of disgruntled emplyees, Scire told HuffPost Weird that he recently fired two employees and suggests that they did it. The photo, not rubbing one out in the kitchen.

Jersey Joe also said he didn't see the very-hilarious comments left on Yelp, and that he was going to call the cops!  We're sure the Internet Police will be right there with their mouses in their hands.

Looks like there's no chance to try his jerk chicken pizza with Alfredo sauce. Damn!

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