You have to give J.C. Penny a lot of credit. They made a mistake and now they are owning up to it, and essentially asking their customers for forgiveness. It seems the American public hasn't been real keen on the changes that have taken place recently at the retailer giant, and they have let their voice be heard - by not shopping there! Some of the changes that shoppers apparently didn't appreciate include the roving employees carrying ipod devices offering to ring up purchases or search for other sizes and styles on the JCP website, the Denim Bar, and doing away with sales and discounts, which has been a major drawing card for JCP for decades.

According to Forbes, the company has lost some $4 billion in revenue  and given CEO Ron Johnson the boot. And now, just ahead of Mother's Day, J.C. Penney is running a television commercial apology and begging customers to come back.

I am not a regular shopper at J.C. Penney. Heck, I'm not a regular shopper period. But, I've always enjoyed their end of the season sales. But, I did notice a change in their advertising strategy which seemed to target a younger, more hip audience with a more contemporary, edgy approach. I have to admit, it didn't sit well with me. It just didn't seem like the J.C. Penney that I had grown to know and love.

So, now what? Will you come back? Did you ever leave? Were you happy with the changes? Did you even know there had been changes?

In case you missed the apology, here it is.