I am sure that I am not the only one in this world who automatically assumed that the girls that went to Ivy League school such as Columbia were all about getting good grades and keeping their clothes on... It turns out that there are at least a few Ivy Leaguers who don't mind showing a little skin on camera, all while at the library of their big name college.  

According to Gawker, "Some college feminists challenged the patriarchy recently by filming themselves cavorting naked in Columbia University’s Butler Library, for an artsy think-piece about sorority initiation called “Initiatiøn.”

Basically what came out was a video that is more like a porno (thus I can't put it on this website, but you can see it here) that features a riding crop, milk, ground twerking, a blue chicken carcass, broken eggs, and lots of boobies, all set to creepy oprea music.

The video description says; Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria, highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire. Which is what you would expect from an Ivy League school video. So in other words, I have no idea why they made the video, and more than likely it's for reasons other than the reasons I am actually watching.

Watch the NSFW video here.