After months of hard work and collection The Salvation Army begins its annual distribution of toys and food in Grand Junction.

Ray Michaels

Distribution will be out of the Salvation Army main office at 1235 N. 4th Street, which means space is going to be extremely limited and recipients will be asked for special cooperation.

The distribution begins at 8 AM and recipients are asked to come at their assigned times becomes of limited parking availability. There will, however, be help available to get  your items into your vehicle.

Only one family member will be allowed inside to receive the gifts. This distribution is exclusively for recipients who have applied for and have been approved for assistance.

The Salvation Army would like to express their gratitude for the community’s assistance in providing for those in need during the holiday season. "We hope that you can come see what the community has provided to assist those in need this Christmas. It will amaze you and warm your heart. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you for all you do for The Salvation Army, Doing the Most Good." Claudia J Jackson, Director of Public Relations The Salvation Army

I too would like to personally thank everyone that donated of your time, money, food, toys, and helped support The Salvation Army and hope your family has a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

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