It’s championship Sunday in the NFL, which mean we are just a couple of weeks away from the big game bash. So far this post season I’m 6-2 in my picks.

The first game on Sunday will be the NFC title game. The San Francisco 49ers will be in Atlanta to take on the Falcons. Last week Matt Ryan won his first game in the playoffs with Atlanta, but so did Colin Kaepernick for the 49ers and it didn’t take him three years. The Falcons pulled off a win last weekend even though they almost let it get away from them. Atlanta has a solid team and can put some points on the board with their speed at wide-out, but their running has been off this year. Turner had less than 900 yards on the season and it won’t be easy to run on the 49ers. The Falcons defense will have their hands full today as the 49ers can throw the ball down field and Frank Gore had over 1200 yards rushing. That is not worm the Falcons will have to watch, Colin Kaepernick is the XX-factor. Kaepernick can pass, run and throw the ball on the run, he will be the difference and I see the 49ers winning the game

The second game on Sunday is the AFC title game with the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. This is one of those games where you look at it and say well they have Tom Brady so the Pat’s win the game because the Ravens can’t score the point needed to win. Wait just one minute, I know the easy pick is New England but I can see the Ravens winning this game. The key for the Ravens is their defense (like duh). To beat the Patriots one just needs to hit Tom Brady every time they can. Now that doesn’t mean drive him into the ground each time but disrupt him and his timing. If the Ravens can keep them under 35 point I think they can win the game. Enjoy the games.