I've already documented my family obsession with our gunfighter/dentist ancestor, John Henry Holliday. So, I won't bore you with those details again. However, there is something rather rare that has just been unearthed. It's what may be another picture of Doc Holliday as an adult.

True West Magazine first reported this picture was purchased at an estate sale in the St. Louis area. What does St. Louis have to do with the Doc Holliday of Tombstone and Glenwood Springs fame? When my wife traced our family history, the main connection with the Doc part of our family was patriarch John Holliday who was prominent in the St. Louis area back in the 1800's.

Check out the pic here and see what you think.

If you have no interest in the wild west, then at least you can enjoy the song "Doc Holliday" by Volbeat. No idea why rockers from Denmark decided they wanted to pay tribute to my family, but when you're a Holliday, you learn not to ask too many questions.