By now  you have heard about the movement in northern to Colorado to secede and become the 51st state in the nation. Representatives from eight counties convened this week to  begin mapping boundaries for the new state. There's even interest from a couple of Nebraska counties that want to be a a part of the state.

The Colorado counties involved are Weld - which contains the city of Greeley, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick,  Phillips, Washington, Yuma, and Kit Carson. These are rural counties, not big metropolitan areas. I should know, Although I was born in Durango, I spent 15 years in Washington and Morgan Counties before going off to college.

It sounds like the coalition wants to but the issue of secession on the November ballot through a ballot referendum. These people are very serious about this, but to create a new state is much easier said than done. West Virginia was the last state to do it - and that was way before Colorado was even a state. It would require a vote of the people, the Colorado General Assembly, and Congress.

The movement seems to stem from the feeling that these rural counties are being ignored in the legislative process.

I understand their position, but this seems a bit extreme. It feels like a case of "if you're not going to play with me, I'm taking my toys and going home." There has to be a better way to get the attention of the those in charge- the way people have always done it - through constant letters, phone calls, personal visits, and protests.

Maybe the folks in north and northeast Colorado have tried all those things and to no avail, I don't know. Maybe their cries and pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe it seems hopeless, but that seems like the perfect time to persevere. Keep trying. don't give up. There is strength and power in numbers. Separating  yourself from the bond that has made Colorado strong  for nearly 140 years may very well result in  the opposite affect that is intended.

(flickr- J. Stephen Conn)

And to the rest of the state - and our legislative assembly. Listen to these people. Really listen to these people. These are hard-working, tax-paying farmers and ranchers who just want to make a good life for their families. Let's come together, and work together toward a solution that is both acceptable and feasible. We should be able to do that. Adding another star to the American flag does not seem to be the solution.