Does this new Grand Junction home affect your view of the Monument?

This caught my eye a few days ago while I was out running trails at the Lunch Loop.

A new home being built on top of the point across Highway 340 from the Tabeguache Trails.

First of all, I am not here to judge and make any rash comments on where someone chooses to build a home. As long as it is legal, I can not say too much. Whoever is building that has probably worked very hard to succeed in whichever career path he or she has chosen. That's not my point.

But, what got my attention was the next day when I was driving out to the trails on 340. The structure appears right in the middle of your eye line of the Monument. You can sort of see that in pictures three and four in the gallery.

So, I am merely seeking your opinion on this matter. My thoughts are irrelevant, as I am usually told.