The November 6, 2012 Presidential Election is just 32 days away and now the question of possible voter fraud in Colorado is surfacing. Recently other swing states came under scrutiny as accusations surfaced, it seems it's now several more states than 'just Florida'.

Colorado is now among several states with accusations of voter fraud on the Front Range. The 18th Judicial D.A.'s Office which is made up of Douglas, Arapahoe, Elbert and Lincoln counties has confirmed an investigation is underway involving Strategic Allied Partners, Strategic Allied Consulting and Nathan Sproul who owns the companies.

Republican committees have been accused  in a scandal that began in Florida and was exposed in several states nationwide, which now includes Colorado. Colorado Ethics Watch filed a Colorado Open Records Act Request with the Colorado Secretary of State seeking all correspondence with the two companies and their owner.

The trio has been accused of filing questionable voter registrations. A video went viral last week on YouTube of a worker falsely claiming to work for the El Paso County Clerk, admitting to only be registering Republican voters.

The executive director of Ethics Watch, Luis Toro, calls the matter "voter registration fraud" and a "criminal matter" that has now spread nationwide. The companies in question have been hired by the Colorado GOP and Republican National Party, Nathan Sproul is the former executive director of the Arizona Christian Coalition and the Arizona Republican Party.

The Colorado GOP fired the firm last week after the video from El Paso County went viral. On a side note, this girl doesn't even look legal to vote(or sounds like she's ever voted) I wonder what she thinks about 'the issues' and politics in general.