The Colorado Parks and Wildlife say an invasive Goldfish is taking over Teller Lake #5 in Boulder, Colorado. The non-native fish number in the thousands and will have to be removed from the lake.

It might seem like a good idea to dump your unwanted pet into the wild and let nature take its course but not really. Look at the problem Florida is having with Pythons and Monitor lizards.

For years, people have been dumping them in the swamps and today those non-native species are destroying native wildlife. They have no natural predator and their populations just keep growing unchecked.

When I was about 15 or so the Wildlife Department in Missouri found Red-bellied Piranhas in the Meramec River. Now they didn't eat anyone and died off during the winter but they did some damage to the fish population that Summer.

That is what is happening with these Goldfish in Boulder. Someone dumped their unwanted fish in the lake and now they are out of control.

What ever happened to just flushing them down the toilet?

As a fishing enthusiast please don't dump your unwanted aquatic pets in our waterways.

[Colorado Parks and Wildlife]